Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dreamin Of Designing is Born!

Hello everyone, well actually hello me as I'm sure I'll be the only person ever reading this blog! Let me introduce myself - I'm Emma, 36 years old (if I'm honest I'm 37 on Sunday!), stay at home mum to two beautiful & wonderful children and a craftaholic. There I've said it - step one is always facing up to your problems - right!

However I don't class craft as a problem at all - ok so my house may be full of crafting goodies in every spare bit of space and add to that my craft room that is full to bursting of bits which I could'nt even tell you what is in there but crafting is what keeps me happy, sane, normal etc. I'm sure crafters will get where I'm coming from - hopefully - If not I'm obviously just a screwball.

But nothing keeps me happier than stroking and sniffing paper, cutting into and sewing fabric and felt or scrapbooking my children's pictures. Well technically I'm lying again I'm not that good with a needle but I love buying fabric with dreams of making lots of different things!

Anyway my youngest has just started full time school this week (sniff, sniff) and I have decided that as I am not going to go back to work until my kids are a bit older, I am going to focus my time on crafting.

So my plan is to do some craft fairs, sell bits I make at local toddler groups (where I already know lots of people), try dabbling in Ebay, Etsy & Folksy and then and the big step for me - try designing some printable sheets to sell on places like CraftsUPrint, Card-making-downloads and Craft Rabbit.

Ultimately I dream of being on design teams and designing for magazine articles etc. Being given free stuff to craft with sounds like a dream to me.

See I forgot to tell you something else - at the  moment hubby and I are madly saving for a dream trip to Disneyworld in 2013 and for a deposit for a BTL mortgage (well we figure it will become our pension several years down the line) and so I have promised that I shall be keeping my crafting spending down to a minimum - HELP it seemed like such a good idea at the time!!

OK positive thinking - I can acheieve everything I want to achieve!!!

Well I'll be back in a little while with a creation I've knocked up. I'm hoping to start entering some challenges now I have a bit of spare time on my hands xx

Sorry for waffling, but if your going read my blog you better get used to it - its what I do best!!!

Lots of love and crafting happiness , Emma x

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